Opening remarks by N. P. Lapwings to the directory “Economise”

Alexander Tikhomirov is a multifaceted artist and the most impressive manifestation of his talent is “Okonopis”. The artist found his own unique style. He noticed and revealed a subject that seems to be lying on the surface, being so simple. This is an original, bright and truly inimitable approach accepted by the clergy as an independent artistic trend in the contemporary Orthodox art.

Alexander Tikhomirov is an excellent project manager, someone who is able to appreciate friendship at the same time.

The artist makes plenty of personal exhibitions, gathering countless amounts of his admirers in the exhibition halls. The release of this catalogue is an interim result of Alexander’s creative activity. As a friend and colleague, I congratulate you with the release of this catalogue. I sincerely wish you new victories on the artistic battlefields and eternal inspiration to your bright talent.

With sincere respect,
Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of the Russian Creative Union of Artists, Chairman of the Section «Religious Art» of the Russian Creative Artists’ Union,
N.P. Chibisov

Original: Сatalogue "Okonopis". 2014